Overcoming All Odds One Day at a Time

Marsha Myers clearly remembers the day she was told she Stage 3 breast cancer, a rare Triple Negative case. “I was told my diagnosis and knew immediately that I had no time to lose if I wanted to live,” Myers said. And Myers has a lot to live for, including her 12-year-old granddaughter.

She turned to Dr. Jennifer Daniels, with SAS Surgery & Vein Specialists for her double mastectomy and treatment, in partnership with her oncologist. “Dr. Daniels is just the best. That is all there is to say. She stayed with me, she was there when I woke up (from surgery) and she always took the time to answer every single question I had,” added Myers.

Myers’ treatment was a long process, including 20 chemotherapy sessions, surgery and 33 radiation treatments. “I live by faith,” Myers said. “I pulled up my boot straps and said, ‘okay, the rubber is going to meet the road and we’re going to do this.’ and Dr. Daniels was there with me every step of the way. Compassion is really all I can say.”

Today, Myers is doing well and focused on the future. “I still go in for regular appointments and now, education is very important to me. I want others to know you can come through these things. You have to take care of yourself, eat right; there is a role you play in your health.”